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About me

Selfie, Paddeln auf dem Femunden (Norwegen), 2015
Paddling on Lake Femunden (Norway), 2015
I was born in Düsseldorf (Germany) in 1981, grew up in Ratingen-Lintorf and still live here.

In 2000, during the summer holidays, I started my first solo hike in Norway and Sweden. I had, from today's point of view, way too much superfluous stuff in and on my backpack. Some of it got kicked out of my packing list right after the tour. Other things took a little longer.

Directly after my civilian service, the first Winter Tour followed in 2002. The same route as in summer, but with some more snow. To date (2017), I've spent about nine more holidays trudging through the snow and ice covered plateaus of Scandinavia. Mostly with snowshoes and backpack, occasionally on skis with a pulka in tow.

Somewhat from the series was a hike in the Summer, west of Kiruna, in 2012 far in the north of Sweden. Not that I don't like hiking in the summer. But given the choice, I have to get cold fingers a few times before I crave the sun and warmth.

In 2012/2013 I rediscovered paddling for myself. After various day and weekend trips in my youth with my father, it was kind of forgotten. After a few trips with rented boats, I started touring paddling in my own folding kayak on the lakes in the south of Sweden (Dalsland, Glaskogen) and Norway (Femunden) in 2014, before heading to the Tesslin and Yukon River in Canada.

Professionally, I started studying computer science in 2003. I dropped out after a few years and completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. I still work in this profession today.